Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we encounter here at Hire DevOps Engineer. 

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Our Hiring Process

Whether you’re hiring full-time or contract engineers, we make hiring remote easy for you. You can trust us to source, vet, and match you with trusted remote technical talent.

Clients love us for:

  • An easy and quick hiring process

  • A speedy hiring process (24-72 hours for contract positions)

  • Vetting process that is strict

  • Top-notch network of reliable Engineers

  1. Get In Contact: Our hiring consultants will assist you in matching your requirements with our prevetted Engineer network based on what type of Engineers you want.

  2. Interview top Engineers: We shortlist Engineers based on your requirements. You interview them to assess if they are a cultural and team fit.

  3. Hiring a Engineer is effortless: Once you have made the hiring decision, you can start working directly with the Engineer. A dedicated engagement manager will handle all the paperwork and payments.

Whether you need full-time, contract/freelance, or full-time, permanent Engineers, you can hire Our Engineers. Payroll and other logistics will be handled by us. In the case of contractor roles, a contract-to-hire fee applies if the Engineer is to be hired as a full-time employee.We can help you build entire remote teams if you are looking to hire more than one Engineer.

Most of our Engineers are based in Latin America, but they are spread across the globe. As part of our vetting process, all our Engineers are tested for English language fluency.

The majority of our Engineers are experienced in working with distributed teams and work remotely.

The intellectual property of all paid-for work belongs to you as a client. In addition, we provide an NDA to protect the confidentiality of your request, and all our Engineers are also asked to sign.

Candidate Quality and Testing


Candidates for Engineer positions undergo extensive technical and behavioral assessments similar to those found in Silicon Valley. As part of the testing process, Engineers are tested on their technical ability, their English proficiency, their communication skills, and their project management knowledge. The vetting process includes:

  • Screening applications

  • A code test specific to their role

  • Previous experience checked

  • Interview with a behavioral approach

  • Interview with a senior engineer

We aim to ensure all our Engineers’ technical skills are not only among the best in their field but also that they are ready to work remotely as part of a team.

We will do our best to resolve any issues you may have with our Engineers if you are not satisfied with them.

We understand that sometimes people may have incompatible working styles, which is why we offer a risk-free trial period of up to two weeks (for contract/freelancer positions), and a 3-month offer (for permanent roles) with the option of being matched with another Engineer for free.

Pricing and Payment

For permanent full-time roles, we charge per hire based on annual salary, with a guarantee of three months.

Hourly billing is used for contract roles. Every day, the Engineer logs his or her hours, and we will send you an invoice every month.

For permanent full-time roles, each Engineer’s price may vary slightly due to his or her own specific experience. You will discuss salary details with our hiring consultant to ensure that selected candidates meet your requirements.

If you want to see a rough guide to pricing per hour based on technology, programing framework and experience please visit our technologies or frameworks section and choose a specific item.

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