DevOps Technologies We Support

Operations Technologies We Support

We assist customers in creating operations teams and provide staff augmentation services. DevOps Engineers may be required by some financial clients, whereas Infrastructure Engineers may be required by others in the marketing industry. A collection of our major DevOps technology competencies is provided to showcase some of the major DevOps technologies we can support. The following is not a complete list of the DevOps technologies we support. In spite of not being an exclusive list, it illustrates our ability to support a wide range of projects for our clients.

Our DevOps Engineers have experience in the following DevOps technologies: 

azure devops

Azure DevOps

An Azure DevOps professional utilizes Microsoft Azure’s suite of tools and services to implement and manage DevOps practices.. They are useful for organizations leveraging Azure cloud services, enabling seamless integration and automation of development, testing, and deployment processes within the Azure ecosystem.

aws devops

AWS DevOps

An AWS DevOps engineer utilizes Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform’s tools and services to implement and manage DevOps practices. They are useful for organizations utilizing AWS cloud services, facilitating efficient and scalable software development, deployment, and operations within the AWS environment.

Infrastructure Engineer

Infrastructure Engineer

An Infrastructure Engineer is responsible for designing, deploying, and maintaining the IT infrastructure required to support software applications. They work on servers, networks, storage, and other hardware components, ensuring that the infrastructure is scalable, reliable, and secure.



DevSecOps combines development, operations, and security practices to integrate security into every phase of the software development lifecycle. DevSecOps professionals ensure that security measures are implemented throughout the development process, perform security testing, and address vulnerabilities.

Didn’t find the technologyyou need here?

Let us know the operations technology you need, and we will let you know if we have Engineers that have experience in them. Many newer technologies may not be listed here yet, but we will support them.

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